Insurance Planning

“Our ability to work provides us with the foundation of our financial security. The income we earn pays for our home and shelter costs, our transportation, and keeps food on the table. It pays our utility costs, our vacations and the savings we set aside that will pay for a child’s education and our future retirement.


Most people who lose their job are able to find other employment. However, have you ever considered how fragile your family’s financial security can be? Most families are only a few pay cheques away from serious financial issues. Yet, far too few people truly consider the impact a disability or serious illness would have on their ability to “pay the bills”. Furthermore, most people do not take the time to understand how much life insurance they need to preserve their family’s lifestyle if they died.


You work hard to support those you love. As financial advisors, it is our responsibility to identify any gaps in your financial security plan and make sure that your family’s financial future is secure if you died, became disabled or faced a life-threatening illness.

The potential impact of such an even event, and the actual risk of it happening, is far too perilous to ignore.


Call us to set up a consultation that will take into consideration any protection you have in place today, and balance that with your overall objectives and needs.


Don’t take your family’s financial security for granted. Everything you do, you do for them.”